Laptops are a great option to have in a workstation. They allow you to work on the go. You depend on you laptop to keep you connected while you are in the office, in meetings, at conferences, as well as when you are at home. It is critical that it it as up to date with software and programs as possible. Let Flex Technology Group help you choose the right laptop that fully fits your needs. We can supply you with the right equipment and can be relied on for the future maintenance and support.

Flex Tech laptop supplies:

Flex Tech offers laptops you can purchase, see the different options listed on the hardware page.

Flex Tech laptop services:

  • Broken screens
  • Broken power jacks
  • Hardware upgrades (RAM, hard drive, video card, CPU, etc.)
  • Software updates
  • Data recovery
  • Virus and malware removal


How to know whether to restore or replace?

Your current laptop is getting older and isn’t running as smoothly. How do you know whether to restore and update your current laptop or just get a new one? You first should consider the age of the computer and what you are looking to upgrade. The typical laptop lasts roughly four years before it starts experiencing frequent problems. Either way, consulting with an IT specialist who can accurately define problems and give options on what to do would be the best thing to do to make the decision. Let Flex Technology be that specialist for you.