Windows Based Tablets

True mobility is what tablets are made for. Tablets are a great addition to the business workstation. They are now equipped with countless apps that make conducting business a little easier. Recently released tablets even have the capability to replace laptop computers.

lenovo tabletStandard

Flex Tech offers a variety of standard sized windows tablets that feature sleek and lightweight designs, long lasting batteries, keyboard compatibility, and Windows 8 integration. These tablets are amazingly thin and have screen sizes starting from 10 inches. Install business apps to help complete tasks on the go, keep up with social media, and even play games on these portable devices.


mini tabletMini

Looking for something even smaller than a standard tablet? Mini tablets feature screens as small as 8-inches. These tablets are even more compact and lightweight making them even more portable. Although the screen may be smaller, mini tablets have the same functions as a standard tablet.


asus tabletHybrid

Flex Tech also offers hybrid tablets.  These devices combine the features of a tablet and a laptop. Hybrid tablets feature a touch screen that can be attached to a full keyboard. This gives users the ability to choose between laptop and tablet and gives them a device that can adapt to their needs.