Choosing a server for your small business can be tedious. Although it is possible to bring in a server on your own, it’ll be more likely you choose the one that best fits your unique business if you bring in an IT professional to assess what you’ll need.

What is a server?

Many people are under the misconception that a server is no different from a typical desktop PC. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While almost any PC that meets the minimum hardware requirements can run the server operating system, that doesn’t make it a true server. A desktop system is optimized to run a user-friendly operating system, desktop applications, and facilitate other desktop oriented tasks. Even if the desktop had similar processor speeds, memory and storage capacity, it still isn’t a replacement for a real server. The technologies behind them are engineered for different purposes.

A server is engineered to manage, store, send and process data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 356 days a year. For these reasons, servers need to be far more reliable than their desktop counterparts. In order to accomplish this, servers offer a variety of features not typically found in a desktop PC. Some servers will include:

  • Dual processors – either equipped or capable
  • Redundant hard drives or power supplies
  • Hot swappable components
  • Are scalable – to meet current, as well as future needs
  • Can process data faster and more efficiently

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When is it time for your small business to adopt a server?

As your company grows, you’ll continue to have additional internal processes and a need for more power with your computing systems. With that said, if you’ve got five or more employees, it’s probably a good time to look into a physical or cloud based server.

The best option for your company will depend on your unique business and your overall goals. We want to make computer processing and software solutions as painless as possible. When you’re ready to invest in a server or want more information, we’re here to help.