Cloud Services

Cloud ComputingInstead of saving all of your files on your system network, try opting for cloud backup services. Storing your files and documents on a cloud service will free up your space making your whole network run faster. Cloud services provide unlimited amounts of storage, backup and recovery of files, and easy accessibility. This provides businesses with a more efficient and streamlined work process.

Flex Technology Group offers a completely automated cloud backup service that features many benefits that larger providers don’t. We ensure that your data is properly and safely backing up, and is being monitored by our trained technicians. We house your data in local facilities in Appleton and Kaukauna, meaning that you know the physical location where your data is stored. Flex Tech abides by PCI and HIPPA compliance standards to ensure that business data stays secure. If one server is down, we have another one to take over, so you will never be without the cloud. Another benefit of working with Flex Tech is that we have a fast restore process. If you need your data we can get it done quickly and efficiently either over the Internet or via external hard drive.

Key Benefits:

  • Local storage facilities
  • Technician managed data storage
  • PCI and HIPPA compliant storage
  • Redundant servers
  • Fast restore process