Windows Servers

Flex Technology Group supports many different types of servers. Although we work with many different brands and types, we specialize in Windows servers. From supplying to installing to troubleshooting, Flex Tech can help you with any of your server needs. For more information on the servers we supply look at the hardware page.


If you are installing a new server to your network, call Flex Tech to do it for you. Our specialization in Windows servers makes our technicians a reliable and efficient option. Having Flex Tech install your server provides you the ease of mind that the installation process is done quickly and correctly.


Servers, like any other kind of technology, can have their flaws. They need maintenance and need to be tuned-up. Flex Tech can help solve your Windows server problems either on-site or remotely. Since we specialize in Windows servers, we are confident that we can solve a variety of issues you may be having with your server.