Windows 10 Enterprise Updates

It’s July, you know what that means… the much anticipated release of Windows 10 is rapidly approaching. On July 29 Microsoft will launch the new operating system, but do you know what to expect with your preferred version? Microsoft recently released the specs and features that will come with the update according to which edition you have.

Windows 10 Enterprise Updates

All Editions Updates

Microsoft made sure to ramp up the standard features that are in all of the editions: home, pro, enterprise, and education. Here’s a short list of what you can expect improvements in after you install Windows 10.


Windows 10 Enterprise Updates

On the “business experience” end of the Windows 10 upgrades we start to see a little more difference. Security is a big area that Microsoft improved in the latest Windows 10 enterprise update.

Security Features

Device Guard: This security feature combines hardware and software elements that can put a device on lock down when untrusted applications are accessed. When configured correctly, this feature tells the operating system that an application isn’t trusted and won’t let it run at all. This helps to eliminate the risk of attackers running malicious programs.
Enterprise Data Protection: Separate out business and personal data on a more streamlined user experience. Reduce the risk of  data disclosure without giving up the functionality of your business and personal devices.
Microsoft Passport: Reduce the risk of stolen passwords with Microsoft Passport. This feature replaces standard passwords with two-factor authentication. Use fingerprint, iris, or face recognition paired with an enrolled device.

Management Features

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Business Store
  • Granular UX Control
  • Easy Upgrade from Pro to Enterprise

Support Features

Current Branch for Business: Businesses will get regular security and critical updates. As for feature updates, they will be distributed once quality and compatibility assessments have been made in the consumer markets.

Long Term Servicing Branch: Only get the update you need when you need them. Microsoft will release regular security and critical updates, but will keep features updates less frequent. Keeping you in control of the update schedule.

Want more information? Download the comparison table from Microsoft.

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