Windows 10 Enterprise Updates

It’s July, you know what that means… the much anticipated release of Windows 10 is rapidly approaching. On July 29 Microsoft will launch the new operating system, but do you know what to expect with your preferred version? Microsoft recently released the specs and features that will come with the update according to which edition you have.

Windows 10 Enterprise Updates

All Editions Updates

Microsoft made sure to ramp up the standard features that are in all of the editions: home, pro, enterprise, and education. Here’s a short list of what you can expect improvements in after you install Windows 10.


Windows 10 Enterprise Updates

On the “business experience” end of the Windows 10 upgrades we start to see a little more difference. Security is a big area that Microsoft improved in the latest Windows 10 enterprise update.

Security Features

Device Guard: This security feature combines hardware and software elements that can put a device on lock down when untrusted applications are accessed. When configured correctly, this feature tells the operating system that an application isn’t trusted and won’t let it run at all. This helps to eliminate the risk of attackers running malicious programs.
Enterprise Data Protection: Separate out business and personal data on a more streamlined user experience. Reduce the risk of  data disclosure without giving up the functionality of your business and personal devices.
Microsoft Passport: Reduce the risk of stolen passwords with Microsoft Passport. This feature replaces standard passwords with two-factor authentication. Use fingerprint, iris, or face recognition paired with an enrolled device.

Management Features

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Business Store
  • Granular UX Control
  • Easy Upgrade from Pro to Enterprise

Support Features

Current Branch for Business: Businesses will get regular security and critical updates. As for feature updates, they will be distributed once quality and compatibility assessments have been made in the consumer markets.

Long Term Servicing Branch: Only get the update you need when you need them. Microsoft will release regular security and critical updates, but will keep features updates less frequent. Keeping you in control of the update schedule.

Want more information? Download the comparison table from Microsoft.

Want recommendations on which version is right for your small business? Contact Flex Technology Group.

The Pros and Cons of Solid State Drives

solid state drives (SSD)

No matter what type of computer you have, there is some sort of data storage device whether it be a traditional hard drive or solid state drive. This drive is what boots up your system when you turn on your computer. It is also where all of your applications, documents, photos, music, and videos are stored.

Like mentioned before there are two types of data storage, the hard disk drive and the solid state drive.

Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

Traditional hard disk drives (HDD) run on moving parts. They use a mechanical arm to move around on a spinning disk in order to read/write data that is stored.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

In a solid state drive (SDD) there are no moving parts. Everything is stored on flash memory microchips.

Advantages of Solid State Drives

  • Fast: A computer with an SSD will start up in seconds, and runs faster while in use as well compared to a computer with a HDD.
  • Durable: Since there aren’t any moving parts, it is less likely for a SSD to break due to drops and bumps. You won’t have to worry about replacing individual parts either.
  • Small Physical Size: SSDs are manufactured to be compact and are much smaller than HDDs, allowing them to fit into smaller devices. With their smaller size, they are also lighter so they won’t weigh down your backpack or briefcase.
  • Quiet: Without a spinning drive SSDs are much quieter when running compared to a HDD.
  • Energy Efficient: SSDs use less battery power to run and have less heat output, allowing you computer to run more efficiently.

Disadvantages of Solid State Drives

  • More Expensive: As with any new technology SSDs cost more than traditional HDDs. You can pay up to double for the same amount of storage if you buy a solid state drive.
  • Lower Max Capacity: Since SSDs are smaller, they have a lower maximum storage capacity compared to the traditional HDD. You can commonly find SSDs to have from 500GB to 1TB of storage.
  • Less Availability: There are more models and types of HDDs compared to SSDs. You may be limited on your options when shopping for an SSD.

Is a Solid State Drive For You?

Usually standard computer users don’t necessarily need a solid state drive, some may choose to have one. Some of the main reasons to get a solid state drive over a traditional hard disk drive are if you are rough with your computer, if you work with audio files and need a quiet system, or if you need to be able to power through tasks as quickly as possible.

Are you interested in upgrading to a solid state drive? You don’t need any additional hardware, simply buy a new solid state drive and replace the HDD. Flex Technology Group can get you set up and ready to go from finding and buying the drive that is best for you to installing it in your computer.

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Technical Computer Features & What They Mean

Buying a new computer can be a daunting process. If you were to spend $2,000 on a new computer with cutting edge technical computer features you may be sorely disappointed to find out in a year’s time that you cannot perform even a simple upgrade.

Computer shopping doesn’t have to be quite so confusing. Let’s look at some things to consider that can help you.


Start by asking yourself what exactly you need to do with your computer. Each technical computer feature inside your system performs a specific function. Some store your data, some allow the computer to think, and some are responsible for creating the images you see on your screen. Unless you are a power user or hard-core gamer, you shouldn’t need the most high end technical computer features. Instead, consider the idea of future proofing. Nothing is entirely future “proof,” but you can buy a system that allows upgrades in the future.

Here are some of the most important features to consider when shopping for a new computer and what they do.


Arguably the most important piece of this puzzle is the motherboard. The motherboard is the central control hub of any computer, which allows the components to talk to each other. Upgrading a motherboard is a fairly major operation, so ask if the motherboard allows upgrades for of the components.

Hard drives and memory are sometimes confused but they are two distinct elements. The hard drive (or hard disk) is where all of your data is stored, like a filing cabinet which contains not only your own personal files, but the files with instructions for your computer to run and give you your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.).

Hard Drive

There are two basic forms of hard-drives: traditional “platter-style,” and Solid State Drives (SSD). A traditional hard-drive is sufficient for average needs but make sure the motherboard offers up-to-date expansion slots so you can add a new or additional hard drives in the future.

The SSD form hard drive is fairly new and more expensive. It allows the data on the drive to be accessed more quickly and is far more impact resistant – which is especially beneficial for a laptop that you will be lugging around with you. Whatever form you choose, investing in a drive with 500 GB or more of space for your files should be more than sufficient.


Memory refers to Random Access Memory (RAM). The computer uses this for temporary storage of data while your system is on as it is faster than having to pull the data from the hard drive each time it is needed. Ask if the motherboard in the system will allow you to add more RAM in the future so you don’t have to buy an entirely new computer in a year or two.

Central Processing Unit

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer, and does all of the calculations and thinking. It is not necessary to get the most cutting edge, expensive CPU but if you consider a mid-range CPU that can be upgraded this will also allow you to avoid buying a totally new system in the near future.

Graphics Processing Unit

The video card – sometimes called the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) – is what the computer uses to send the images to your monitor. There are many styles ranging from basic GPUs built in to the motherboard to high-end gaming cards that plug in to the motherboard. The average home user shouldn’t need an expensive video card as many systems include one that is more than sufficient for day-to-day tasks like surfing the Web, watching videos online, and playing basic games.


If you already have a desktop computer there’s no need to buy a new monitor, keyboard and mouse unless you are not happy with what you have. The same goes for your laptop accessories. Most computers have the same ports that you connect your computer accessories to, so there’s no need to replace your whole system unless you want to.

When you are out shopping and considering these technical computer features, do research online and by speaking with a sales representative to see what your upgrade options will be in the future to get the maximum value for your investment.

Write a Google+ Review, Win a Tablet

Didn’t get that tablet that was on your Christmas list? Don’t worry, there’s still a chance to get one.

Flex Technology Group wants to know about your experience with them. Did we solve a problem? Did we save you time and money? Did we sell you a great device? Flex Technology is giving an Android tablet to someone who leaves a review on their Google+ page. This is a limited time offer. One winner will be selected from all of the Google+ reviews that are submitted before January 30th.

Not sure how to submit a review online? It’s pretty simple, all you need is a Google account. You can use your email account for this. Don’t have one? Sign up with Google. After that, follow these five steps to write your review and possibly win a tablet:

1. Go to Flex Tech’s Google+ Page

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Tech Gifts For Your Wish List

Every year there are new tech gifts and gadgets making it on people’s Christmas lists. Also, sometimes we need a little inspiration on what to get for others and especially what put on our own lists. For all of those tech savvy people out there, here are some last minute adds to your wish list that you should be asking for this year. Hopefully you’ve been nice!

FitBit Charge

For the fitness fanatic This wristband takes activity and sleep tracking to the next level. FitBit Charge features a display area that makes it easier for you to keep track of the time, caller ID, battery life, and real-time stats throughout the day. The FitBit Charge syncs to your other devices making it easy to see your results at the end of the day. Log into the app on either your computer or smartphone to see your progress, compete with friends, log your food intake, and earn badges for completing goals.

  • Longest battery life in the industry
  • Minute-to-Minute stat updates
  • Clock display & silent alarm
  • Automatic sync to devices
tech gifts

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Cord Organizers

For the Constantly Connected There’s always that one person who so many cords they don’t know what to do with them. Get them a Cordie. The Cordie is a weighted cord organizer that keeps all of your essential cords within reach. With this little gadget you wont have to dig or untangle your cords just to find the right one.

  • Weighted, no-slip design
  • 4 cord slots
tech gifts

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Olloclip Camera for iPhone

For the “semi-pro” photographer No matter what smartphone someone has, they almost always complain about the camera capabilities. At least if they are taking more than selfies they care more about camera specs. Olloclip has a clip-on camera attachment for both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Most of these cameras come in 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 varieties. They offer you different lenses to take better, higher quality pictures in different situations.

  • Fisheye
  • Wide-angle
  • Macro
tech gifts

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

For the TV addict The Amazon Fire TV Stick brings online streaming to your TV. Cut the cords and plug this USB device into the HDMI port of your TV to watch your favorite shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, even YouTube. This product is similar to Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku but it does have its unique advantages. Amazon Fire TV Stick has dual core processors and 8 GB of flash storage. Other perks include:

  • Instant streaming
  • Dedicated remote and app
  • Voice search
  • Screen mirroring between devices
tech gifts

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Bluetooth Talking Gloves

For the “Chatty Kathy” The Bluetooth Talking Gloves seem a little ridiculous, but they would be especially useful those who have to deal with harsh winters. The glove connects to your smartphone through bluetooth and allows you to answer phone calls by making the “call me” gesture while wearing them.

  • Battery life of 12 hours
  • Rechargeable through micro USB
  • Unisex style and fit
  • Use your touchscreen while wearing them
tech gifts

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These are some fun suggestions for you to put on your last-minute Christmas list or for you to get for that techie person in your life. What other tech gifts are you giving this year?