Ask Flex Tech: What Is the Best Computer For Me?

best computer for meA new computer can be a big investment. It’s no wonder that some are torn on what to buy. If you’re one of those people that is wondering, “What is the best computer for me?” let us help. We’ve covered some of the technical aspects in a previous blog post, now lets talk about some of the other elements that will affect your decision. Here are some things to consider when picking out your next computer.


Is this a personal or professional purchase? What type of programs will you be running? Depending on what you’re planning on using the new computer for you may need a computer with different options and capabilities.

  • Home & Work:  Durability, efficiency, and security are typically things that customers look for when buying a computer for home and work purposes. Depending on how mobile you need to be will determine if you go with a desktop or laptop.
  • Entertainment & Gaming: If you’re looking for a system that you can handle serious gaming and entertainment functions, you should be looking at computers that have high quality sound and graphics cards along with fast hard drives and processors. A lot of times you want larger screens and high performance which can only be found in desktop computers or enhanced laptops.
  • School: If you computer is intended for school purposes, you’re probably looking into laptops that you can take on the go. Make sure that you have plenty of memory space to store your assignments. Consider ultrabooks that are super thin and light weight making your backpack a little less heavy.


Where do you need to use your new computer? Will it be sitting on a desk 24/7 or will you take it on the go?

  • All-in-one & Desktop: If being confined to your desk isn’t an issue, all-in-one and desktop computers are a great option. These computers pack a lot of power. Also the larger screens and unlimited power source increases productivity. With these types of computers it is also relatively easy to upgrade their systems and components to fit your needs. These are ideal for most business tasks and gaming stations.
  • Netbook & Laptop: If you’re on the go for work or school a netbook or laptop may be the better option. Netbooks typically are small, 10-12 inches and are limited on their capabilities. Usually they don’t have all the same ports as a laptop, have minimal memory space, and have a shorter battery life. Laptops on the other hand are larger and heavier but are also made to handle more tasks.
  • Tablet: If you’re constantly back and forth and need access to emails and the internet, a high powered tablet may be a good choice for you. It gives you access to your necessary information without weighing you down. Get one that can be connected to a data plan and you don’t even have to worry about having access to wifi to work.


The choice you make on what brand to buy is ultimately based on preference. Consider which operating system you like better – Windows or OS X. With PC computers like HP, Lenovo, and Sony you have more options to choose from and can sometimes personalize your device. If you go with Apple, their products are more standard. Although Apple computers and tablets are at a higher price point, they are also less likely to get a virus.

Specifications & Features:

If you’re looking for a computer to do everyday, standard computing it may get a little confusing when looking at all of the technical specifications. Some things to look for in particular are:

  • 500 GB storage: This is plenty of space to store your basic files. If you need more, there are cloud storage options available as well.
  • Solid state drive: Although small, it allows your computer to run faster compared to the standard hard drive.
  • 4GB of RAM: Allows you to have multiple pages/applications open at once without slowing down.

There are the top things to consider when trying to decide on a new computer and which type will best fit your needs. If you need a little more help deciding on a specific model contact the technicians at Flex Technology Group. You can also check out Lenovo’s Help Me Decide tool to get an idea of what to look at.